Starting a new journey

  • iOSCon 2017

    iOSCon 2017

    The 2 days came and gone, so fast you couldn’t believe, it all had ended so fast! As last year, the organisation was excellent and everything went really well… I […]

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  • Mastering TDD

    Mastering TDD

    Two weeks ago I went to Paul Stringer’s course “Mastering TDD/BDD in iOS”. After the two days, I was exhausted… During the course, we looked at all the theory, completed […]

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  • Socrates UK

    Socrates UK

    Just came back from SoCraTes UK, and it was amazing as always. I’m looking at this blog post for 10m now, trying to explain what is SoCraTes UK and still […]

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  • How katas can help you learn

    How katas can help you learn

    In the last couple of weeks I have spent my time doing katas to improve my Objective-C. As you may remember, I had an issue, that you can revisit here. […]

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  • Starting  your TDD journey

    Starting your TDD journey

    The old story always comes around when talking about tests: it takes too long to do them and we loose a lot of time. Well, everything is hard to do […]

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