Starting a new journey

  • Mastering TDD

    Mastering TDD

    Two weeks ago I went to Paul Stringer’s course “Mastering TDD/BDD in iOS”. After the two days, I was exhausted… During the course, we looked at all the theory, completed […]

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  • Socrates UK

    Socrates UK

    Just came back from SoCraTes UK, and it was amazing as always. I’m looking at this blog post for 10m now, trying to explain what is SoCraTes UK and still […]

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  • Code Smells – Part II

    Code Smells – Part II

    In the last post, Code Smells – Part I, I talked about the bloaters: they are code smells that can be identified as Long Methods, Large Classes, Primitive Obsessions, Long […]

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  • Code Smells – Part I

    Code Smells – Part I

    Last weekend I was at SoCraTes Canaries and I gave my first talk ever about code smells. Oh boy! How nervous was I! But now that has passed, I was […]

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