2019 in review

This year started as just another year: I started doing a Swift bootcamp as I had done the year before, and once again, it was an amazing experience. I learned a lot with all the beautiful Ladies that went to the bootcamp, I hope they learned something from me too 😄.

In April, I started a new job and with it came a lot of new challenges: No Storyboards 😱, functional programming, and pods all over the codebase. But I was working with a phenomenal team of wonderful people, that helped each other and pulled together to make the product a better one. I still miss you guys 😄.

For personal reasons I moved to my favourite city in September: Barcelona. New house, new and old friends, a new company with a new team. And what a team! Definitely you don’t need to go to London to find amazing developers. I have my challenges too, still no storyboards ☹️ , but no pods 💪, and loads of RxSwift… Still don’t know how to react to that 😉.

2020, is getting closer and everything seems to point out it’s going to be a very good year. May the best things about 2019 be your worst in 2020.

Happy new year!